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Toddler Tumbling/Preschool Tumbling


Child development experts have found that active children develop both physically and mentally faster than children who are less active. AMP Athletics' preschool tumbling program is a great launching pad for any child to begin to develop a lifelong love for health and physical fitness. Our preschool tumbling classes focus on balance, body awareness, flexibility,  and strength, all of which will help any child excel. In addition, our preschool tumbling classes provide children with tools to help their social and emotional development.


Call Member Services at 304.523.4267 to schedule your no-risk trial class!


PARENT & TOT (AGES 18 MONTHS-3) Under the instruction of a coach, with the supervision of an adult, children will use preschool-size equipment to learn basic motor movement and tumbling skills. Some of the gymnastics equipment used in class are the bars, beam, floor, trampoline, and much more. All skills will be presented in a fun and age-appropriate manner, and in a safe environment. Basic tumbling/motor skills taught in this class include running, skipping, jumping, swinging, gymnastic body positions, log rolls, forward and backward rolls, tables and much more. These skills will be useful not only in gymnastics and cheerleading but also for proper development in their everyday life. Children will also be taught basic social skills, such as listening, following instructions and sharing, as well as incorporating fun and learning into our activities (colors, shapes, animals, etc.). These classes provide a great opportunity for a parent and child to bond and participate in skills and fun activities together.


MIGHTY ME (AGES 3-4) This class will challenge your child to continue to grow socially and physically. The emphasis of this class will be to learn more advanced skills on preschool-sized equipment, such as the bars, beam, floor, vault and trampoline. Cardio, balance and strength work will be introduced using various equipment. Skills taught in this class include forward rolls, backward rolls, gymnastic body positions, donkey kicks, cartwheels, various swings on bars, bridge ups and much more!


LITTLE LIGHTNING (AGES 4-6) This is a 1-hour tumbling fundamentals class. Students will also learn some terminology. This class is great for active kids because they will be performing many dynamic and active movements throughout the class. Along with the tumbling, students will also have to practice good social skills like listening, cooperation, patience, and sharing. 


For more information on our Preschool Tumbling classes, please contact our Members Services, at 304.523.4267 or email

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