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Novice Cheerleading Teams


One of the newest additions to the amp Cheer Family is our Novice teams. These teams receive instruction from AMP’s highly qualified coaches, many of whom also coach some of our competitive teams. These coaches have gone through extensive training and credentialing in order to form and maintain their teams as well as possible. On top of that, the athletes will receive a fun, entertaining, and challenging routine just like our competitive teams. All ability levels are welcomed and athletes between the ages of 3-6 can participate in the Novice Program.

This program is designed to provide cheerleading teams for beginners, and for the athletes who are not yet ready to commit to the rigor of the competitive program.

The Novice teams are a good starting place for athletes interested in trying out the sport, as well as for athletes and families who have a busier schedule or want to diversify their athletic interests. The season runs from August to April, during which time the athletes will perform in 2 to 3 competitions, at times, alongside our competitive cheer teams.  Our Novice cheer teams perform is custom All-Star outfits, and have specific expectations for their hair and makeup as the competitive teams do.

There are many similarities between the competitive cheerleading teams and the Novice cheerleading teams in terms of what will be taught. The Novice teams will receive choreography and instruction in all aspects of cheerleading. They will be taught proper technique for all of their stunting, tumbling, jumping, and motions no matter what skill level they enter the program at.  For more information on the new Novice cheer division, please visit the official USASF website HERE.

The USASF is the governing body of all competitive cheerleading. They create the rules and regulations that gyms must follow, in order to promote the correct technique and ensure safety for all cheer teams. AMP’s coaches have attended multiple conferences put on by the USASF in order to enhance their knowledge of these rules and regulations, in order to improve training, technique base, and overall skill level. All of our coaches have received official credentialing from the USASF. To do this, they had to complete and pass an online test as well as a verbal test with a qualified USASF official.


For more information on our Novice Cheer program, please contact our Members Services, at 304.523.4267 or email

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