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Competitive Cheerleading Teams


AMP Athletics is proud to be entering into our 5th season for our growing All-Star Cheerleading program. We are coming off of our most successful season yet with our Senior and Youth team competing at D2 Summit at Walt Disney World in Florida.


While we are extremely proud of our record of excellence, we are even more proud of the life lessons we have been able to instill in our athletes.  Our cheerleaders respect each other, their coaches, and their fellow competitors.  We feel it is important for our young athletes to learn about the structure of organized athletics, both in the gym and in competition.  It is our hope that with this knowledge, our athletes will gain confidence, meet team goals, and always stand them in good stead to perform their personal best.  We strongly believe our success is a direct result of the attention we place on building relationships with our athletes and their families and the dedication and determination our coaches and athletes share.


All of our competitive teams are organized according to the USASF (the United States All Star Federation) levels and guidelines to ensure continuity and quality.  Teams range in difficulty levels from Level 1 for beginners, up to Level 6 for advanced athletes.  Our program is designed specifically to help athletes grow and develop their skill set through safe progressions.


A typical cheer season at AMP is broken into three parts:
Tryouts/Evaluations, Pre-Season, and Competition Season.

Tryouts/Evaluations for the All-Star Cheerleading program are held in early May to late May. During this time, athletes have the opportunity to demonstrate individual skills(tumbling, jumps, and stunting) for the coaching staff.  The coaches will assess each athlete and place them into a practice group based on age and ability.  The coaches will then determine what teams will be most successful for the upcoming season and place each athlete accordingly.  


Pre-Season typically begins in mid to late June and continues through the month of August.  During this time, athletes focus on skill development and routine choreography.  During skill development, the athletes will learn the fundamentals of stunts, baskets, pyramids, tumbling, and jumps from AMP Athletics' instructors, as well as guest instructors who specialize in these areas. During the choreography portion of the summer, athletes will take the elements they learned during skills development and place them into a competitive routine for the season. AMP Athletics uses some of the top choreographers from around the country to assist the coaching staff in creating these routines. Once choreography is complete, the teams will spend the next few months preparing for Competition Season.


Competition Season usually begins in early winter (December/January) and continues through the spring (April/May).  As a member of the competitive cheer program, athletes compete locally against other cheerleading facilities from around the area and travel to out-of-state events to compete on the national level. Travel competitions are dependent upon the age and levels of the teams.


For more information on our Competitive Cheer program, please contact our Members Services, at 304.523.4267 or email

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