Cheer 101


This cheerleading class is for students 3-11 years of age, who want to learn but are not quite ready for the commitment of an all-star program. The skills learned in Cheer 101 cover the basics of cheerleading and routine work. Coaches train athletes on jumps, motions, basic tumbling, and stunting through the first part of the session. The second half of the session is spent implementing skills into a miniature routine which will be performed at our annual showcase! Students who take Cheer 101 are very well prepared for tryouts for cheerleading try-outs for any program they are interested in, whether it be their school team, or our novice or all-star cheer program. 


Flight School: Coming Soon!

Cheerleading Class( Stunting for ages 11 and under) Flight School is a class designed for the newest flyer in mind. Athletes learn basics of stunting, flexibility, body control, and air awareness. Flyers stunt on AMP Staff which provides a solid foundation of bases for optimal learning. Any athlete that chooses to enroll will be able to demonstrate flexibility, proper body positions, and have a strong foundation in stunt progressions. Experienced flyers are welcome to this class as well in order to maintain skills throughout the year.


For more information on our Rec Cheer program, please contact our Members Services, at 304.523.4267 or email






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