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AMP Athletics offers athletes a chance to work independently on their skills during Open Gym. Whether they want to master skills or work on bettering current skills, the staff is there to help give advice to each athlete if they want it. Open gym is a less structured time and athletes may have the opportunity to work with instructors on skills, based on the number of attendees.  AMP Night will post on our gym calendar.


The ratio for open gym is 15:1 and both *non-members and members are welcome. *All participants must have a waiver on file., Non-members attending will pay a separate rate than current gym members.


Call for current schedule 304-523-4267



General Rules:


Participants are to treat everyone with respect, including the coaches.

No shoes or food inside the gym.
No wrestling or fighting with other participants
No foul language.
Participants are to dress appropriately in clothes that are easy to move in. 
Participants are to treat the equipment and mats with respect.
Please no use of the pit bar during open gyms. 
No cell phones in the gym to avoid them getting lost.
Participants are not to run in front of others.
Participants are to put any mats that are taken out back where they were originally found.
Participants are not to go upstairs, or locker rooms unless they are team members. 
No chalk use.

No Vaulting.
Foam is to stay in the pit.

No adults on the equipment.
No uses of preschool toys or equipment unless of appropriate age.
There is no leaving the gym or building without permission from a coach the safety of all participants.


**If rules are not followed, the coaches may send a child out, contact the parents or ask them to leave.  There will be no refunds for inappropriate behavior.  We expect good behavior from all of our open gym participants so that no one gets hurt and everyone has FUN!


Please check our calendar of events for open gym closings, and for more information on our Open Gym program, please contact our Members Services, at 304.523.4267 or email

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