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AMP Athletics offers all levels of Tumbling for any athlete who wants to learn how to tumble. Starting with o

The Gymnastics Program at AMP Athletics has been designed to train athletes in improving their physical abilities as well as help teach important life lessons. From our Preschool and Recreational classes to our Developmental Pre-teams to our growing and highly competitive Junior Olympic and Xcel Teams, AMP Athletics' Gymnastics Program offers a variety of options all designed to help young athletes pursue their individual goals and achieve their athletic dreams.



For our youngest gymnasts, we offer a Parent and Tot class. This 45-minute class is perfect for active kids (ages 18 months to 3 years) who enjoy spending fun time with other kids and quality time with a parent! This class will use a lot of AMP's smaller sized gymnastics equipment such as bars, beam, floor, trampolines, and the rope. There will be some basic motor movement taught in this class like running, skipping and jumping. These skills are not only imperative to gymnastics but also useful in everyday life. Children enrolled in this class will also learn basic gymnastics technique and skills such as log rolls, forward rolls, donkey kicks, walking on a balance beam and hanging/swinging on a bar, all while learning and having fun in this gymnastics class-setting.


For preschool-aged boys and girls, we have Mighty Me, Big Shots and Rising Stars. These classes allow kids to expand their knowledge of gymnastics while getting a good workout and having fun in a safe environment. Gymnastics fundamental skills will be introduced in these classes so students can begin to build their skill base that will be utilized throughout their gymnastics careers.

Mighty Me: This is a 45-minute gymnastics/tumbling class for boys and girls ages 3-4. These classes introduce fundamental Gymnastics skills as well as focus on social and cognitive developmental skills, such as counting, listening to and following instructions, taking turns and sharing.

Big Shots:  This is for children aged 4-5. The primary focus of this class is to reinforce what the athletes learned in their past preschool Gymnastic classes and continue to improve their technique, form, and understanding of the fundamentals of Gymnastics. This class will continue to help build body awareness, strength, and control.

Rising Stars:  This is for boys and girls (ages 3-5). This class is designed for preschool children that show a high aptitude in gymnastics. They practice one and a half hours per week, all in one class. 


Our Recreational (rec) Gymnastics classes are for kids who are at least six years old and currently in first grade or higher. These gymnastics classes teach kids the proper technique for their basic Gymnastics skills. In gymnastics, it is very important to have a strong technical foundation, especially if your child has aspirations of advancing to higher levels. These classes will make sure each child finds their balance between progression and maintaining their past skills with correct technique and form. We offer a wide variety of levels for our Rec Classes, starting with Kindergarten, Beginning, Intermediate all the way through Advanced, where everything from a Forward Roll and Handstand to a Back Handspring and Kip will be taught


Our USA Gymnastics Competitive teams are specific to the athlete’s individual skill level and pace. We offer Women’s and Men's Gymnastics teams that follow USA Gymnastics (United States Association of Gymnastics), the worldwide governing body of all official gymnastics competitions. Our teams are placed by skill level and require an individual evaluation by one of our USA Gymnastics Coaches. Here at AMP, we offer Levels 3, 4 and 5 along with our Optional team.

Our Xcel program is the perfect fit for athletes that enjoy gymnastics but are interested in participating in other extracurricular activities at the same time. The Xcel program is the same as our USA Gymnastics program in that there are the same experienced coaches with the teams, however, it provides families with less of a time commitment than the USA Gymnastics program would.

Our PreTeam Gymnastics is for athletes who strive to be on one of our competitive teams in the future, but might not be quite there yet. This program focuses on the basic skills and techniques that a competitive team coach would expect an athlete to have mastered by the time they entered their program. Athletes must be invited to participate in our Pre-team Gymnastics Program.

For more information on any of our Gymnastics Classes or Competitive Programs, please hover over ‘Gymnastics’ on the menu and select the page that you would like to learn more about. With additional questions, please call Member Services at 304.523.4267 or email us

Our preschool classes and beginner tumblers all the way to Elite classes for the most advanced athlete, we have classes for all ages and skill levels. Our coaches will assist your child in order to maximize their potential for growth. All classes are taught by highly trained instructors. Every class will include dynamic stretching, a warm-up of skills, conditioning, and a combination of running and standing tumbling stations. In each class, coaches will help athletes progress by using a structured curriculum that builds up the techniques taught in previous class within the session.


For more information or to set up your AMP on Wheels session, please contact our Members Services, at 304.523.4267 or email

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