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Boys Gymnastics Classes 

AMP Athletics' offers a variety of gymnastics classes for boys that focus on each child’s particular skill level. All of our gymnastics classes are meant to prepare our athletes to reach their gymnastics goals through teaching proper technique and form as well as life lessons. All of our beginner boys gymnastics and advanced boys gymnastics classes are meant to prepare both the younger and/or the less experienced athletes for our competitive and recreational intermediate gymnastics and advanced gymnastics team programs. These programs are wonderful for boys of all ages and skill levels. There is a gymnastics class for all abilities, beginners through advanced, and AMP Athletics is confident that your athlete will grow both physically and mentally, in and out of the gym. These classes are all technically driven because gymnastics is a sport based upon good technique and form. In order for students to grow and progress as quickly and efficiently as possible, our coaches make sure that they use proper technique in everything from their warm-up and gymnastics skills to their conditioning. These gymnastics classes for beginners are a wonderful starting point for all athletes!



BOYS GYMNASTICS FUNDAMENTALS – (AGES 5+) These gymnastics classes are designed to provide an understanding and learning of the basic fundamentals of gymnastics. All instruction is taught on full-size equipment with highly trained coaches. Skills taught include Forward & Backward Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, Bridge Ups & Bridge Kick Overs, Pull-Overs, and much more. Students will continue to work on body control and will focus on building strength and flexibility, which is an important part of gymnastics.



BOYS GYMNASTICS 1 – (AGES 6+) Athletes who are interested in this gymnastics class must have successfully attained ALL skills from the Beginning Skill Card and have a coach’s approval to be placed at this level. All instruction is taught on full-size equipment. Skills taught include Handstand Forward Rolls, Round Offs, Back Bend Kick Overs, Straight Arm Backward Rolls, Back Handsprings on the trampolines, Cast Back Hip Circles, and Glides on bars, Handstands and Cartwheel to Handstands on beam and much more. The coaches will make sure students are continuing to demonstrate proper technique and form in all their skills which is critical to their continued skill development. Strength and flexibility development will continue to be a focus of this class, as those areas become even more important with skill advancement.



BOYS GYMNASTICS 2 – (AGES 6+) Athletes who are interested in this class must have successfully completed skills from the Boys gymnastics 1 and have a coach’s approval to be placed at this level. All instruction is taught on full-size equipment in these gymnastics classes. Athletes will be taught: Back Handsprings and Round Off Back Handsprings, Front Handsprings, Front and Back Tucks, Kips and Tap Swings on bars, Cartwheels, and Handstands on beams and much more.



For more information on our Boys Gymnastics classes, please contact our Members Services, at 304.523.4267 or email

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