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Birthday Parties


Looking for a great place to celebrate your child's birthday party. Well look no further, and come celebrate your birthday with us! A birthday party at AMP Athletics is the perfect way to celebrate your child’s special day! 


Providing the perfect place to hold your child's next birthday party. Allow our friendly staff to help you with any needs you may have.  You'll be assigned a host for your party to help you with your set up in your party area.  They'll also assist you with service of cake, turning in waivers, or take care of any other need that may arise.


Expect an e-mail confirmation of the date, time, number of guests, and party area.  Feel free to respond with any questions you may have.  You'll also receive a phone confirmation the week of your party confirming the number of children attending along with your host's name.  Again feel free, to ask any questions or take this opportunity to inform us of any changes you may need to make.


We hope that your child and all of his or her friends have a wonderful time!



Party pricing:

  • $205 - 2 Hours (1 - 25 children)

  • $225 - 2 Hours (26 - 35 children)

  • $615 - 2 Hours (Private Party

  • )$410 - 4 Hours (1 - 25 children)

  • $450 - 4 Hours (26 - 35 children)


If more than 35 children - There is an additional charge of $8.00 per child



Here are notes and reminders to assure a successful party.



  • Your $75 deposit is required along with your completed paperwork at the time of your booking to hold your party date, time, and room.  Four-hour parties $125 and private parties $150 deposit.

  • All Deposits are non-refundable.  Date, time, and the room may be changed up until two weeks prior to the party without penalty.

  • Full payment for your party is still required for no show, cancellation, or failing to reschedule two weeks prior to the party date.

  • The Balance of your party must be paid in full prior to the set up of your party.  

  • All payments made the day of your event must be made with credit/debit card or cash.

  • Party rooms are available on a first-come, first serve with paid deposit and completed paperwork.  Your payment is for your space, host, and use of the gym.  We will staff your party based on the number of children attending.  Your rate will remain the same even if your party is less attended as our staff will already be assigned to your event.

  • Parties should understand that there can potentially be a maximum of three parties at one time (unless Private).

  • As fun as it would be to play and party all day, parties are on a tight time schedule, so please stay within the time scheduled for your party. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your party begins — and — please be aware of when you are scheduled to be finished.  If you go over the allotted time there is an $18.00 fee plus other unhappy customers who are scheduled for the next time slot. 

  • There is most likely a party scheduled immediately following yours, so, members of their party will be arriving as you are leaving.

  • Parties that wish to have the Disco Lights must have the approval of all parties in attendance during that time block.  Lights are also only available during 5:45 pm and 7:00 pm sessions.

  • Invitations are available upon request

  • You can bring whatever you want to the party for eating or drinking for children and adults if you wish. (No alcohol allowed of course) Some order in pizza, some bring snacks, etc. 

  • There are a refrigerator and a freezer available on site (mezzanine/party room).

  • There are no shoes allowed in the gym area.  Socks are optional

  • Absolutely no food, drinks, or gum allowed in the gym area.

  • No pinatas, silly string, or confetti allowed.

  • All attending children must have a medical release/liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian prior to entering the gym.

  • Current AMP Athletics students do not need a form.

  • Parents are responsible for bringing their own camera, utensils, drinks, cake, and birthday supplies.

  • Parties are for guests of each party, therefore, parents, other adults, and children not included in your total number of guests are asked to refrain from playing on the equipment.  Safety is important to us, so if there are small children that are not listed as a guest, please do not allow them on the equipment.  PARENTS THAT DO CHOOSE TO GO ONTO THE FLOOR MUST ALSO HAVE A COMPLETED MEDICAL RELEASE/LIABILITY WAIVER.

  • A few days after your party, we may e-mail you a Party Evaluation Form that we would appreciate you filling out and returning to us. Your input is welcome and valued as it helps us maintain or improve the exceptional quality of AMP Athletics parties.




For more information on party rentals, please contact our event coordinator Christina Black or call Member Services, at 304.523.4267.

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