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AMP Athletics offers all levels of Cheerleading and Tumbling for any athlete who wants to learn how to cheer or tumble. Starting with Cheer 101 for the beginner athlete all the way to Elite competitive program for the most advanced athlete, we have classes for all ages and skill levels. Our coaches will assist your child in order to maximize their potential for growth. All classes are taught by highly trained instructors. Every class will include dynamic stretching, a warm-up of skills, conditioning, and a combination of running and standing tumbling stations, and cheer skills. Each week, coaches will help athletes progress by using a structured curriculum that builds up the techniques taught in the previous class within the session.



The Competitive Cheerleading teams at AMP Athletics are a highly competitive group of teams that compete locally and travel nationally six to nine times per year. Athletes on these teams will practice one to two times a week plus an additional tumbling class, perfecting their technique in motions, stunts, jumps, and tumbling. Both males and females are welcome! All athletes interested must go through an evaluation with the cheer staff. To set up an evaluation or for more information contact us.



One of the newest additions to the AMP Athletics Family is our Competitive Novice teams. Due to a large amount of talent in our gym, AMP wanted to give all everyone the chance to compete locally and get an authentic competitive cheerleading experience. These teams receive instruction from AMP Athletics' highly qualified, competitive team coaches. On top of that, they will receive a fun and challenging routine just like our competitive teams. All ability levels are welcomed and athletes up to age 11 can participate in the Novice Cheer Program. This program is designed to provide cheerleading teams for beginners. For more information contact us.




This is AMP Athletics entry-level cheer class that provides the whole cheer experience! Kids ages 6 -11 years old will learn jumps, stunts, motions, and basic tumbling over the duration of the session. During our annual showcase, athletes perform a mini routine showcasing some of the skills they have mastered!



AMP Athletics is proud to be the training facility of several of the Tri-states top high school programs. Teams train once a week on a full spring cheer floor with elite-level coaches. Depending on the team’s needs, coaches will cater to some/all aspects of their routines.

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