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AMP Athletics is proud to say that we train some of the best High School teams in the Tri-state area! So, if your looking for the perfect fit AMP has the class for you and your team!  Any School team, Rec team, Youth team, or Peewee team.  We offer the perfect class to take your team to the next level. Each team will be given the opportunity of tailored training that is specific to their team needs. Whether they need help cleaning stunts, learning new or trying to master tumbling, to even running routines, AMP Athletics' highly staff is properly trained to coach all pieces. Tumbling technique is a huge focus for high school teams at AMP because they need the proper training to transition their tumbling on a dead mat. All AMP Athletics coaches have been trained by some of the best in the industry, and are credentialed and trained in the safest, most effective ways to progress athletes through skill development.

The AMP Athletics staff is in charge of the team’s practice while at AMP, however, the team coach is welcome to be present at practices and offer feedback.


For more information on our Competitive Cheer program, please contact our Members Services, at 304.523.4267 or email

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