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AMP Athletics offers camps all year round. We offer one-day camps during the school year on special holidays and week-long camps during Fall Break, Spring Break, and during Summer Break. Our camps are a great way for your children to stay active while they are out of school. Campers work on improving muscular and cardiovascular endurance, practice new or existing skills, and working on flexibility, strength, and coordination through games, obstacle courses, trampolines, time in the foam pits, and more! These camps are the perfect place for your camper to get some energy out as they stay active and healthy, all while having so much fun!

In addition to skills training, our snacks. Snacks are provided at our designated snack times and are something simple like goldfish or crackers. (Please be advised- Campers with any food allergies are asked to bring their own snacks). In the case of full-day camps, campers will need to bring their own lunch or have something brought to them. For half-day campers, lunch is not needed as they will leave before lunchtime.


AMP camps are staffed with highly qualified instructors and coaches from all AMP Athletics Programs: Gymnastics, Cheer, and Sports programs. This gives our campers a wide variety of learning opportunities while attending camp.


Get ready for a great time learning new skills and meeting new friends at AMP Athletics Camps! 

Camps are a great way for any athlete new or old to work on new skills or improve on existing ones.  Whether your a student at AMP participating in one of our programs or just someone that wants to attend one of our camps to improve your skills.  AMP Athletics Camp program is for you!





  • If you have any questions always ask

  • Some camps have a minimum age requirement, please be sure to check

  • Camps will often have a half-day (9 am - 12 pm) or full-day (9 am - 3 pm) option

  • Camps will sometimes offer daily or whole week options

  • Camps often include activities or instruction using gym equipment (trampolines, rings, bars, springboards, etc)

  • Please pack a snack for half-day and lunch and a snack for full-day camps unless otherwise posted and lunch is provided

  • All camps must be paid in full in order to reserve your child's spot. AMP Athletics will only refund payments if notified of the cancellation 1 week prior to the camp (This is to allow us to fill the vacated spot

  • To register, complete the "Camp Registration Form"


Tumbling Skills Camps



Join us for our skills camps offered to athletes of all levels, ages 6 and up. The focus will be on skills, skills, skills! Everything will be covered, from stretching, strength & conditioning, as well as running and standing tumbling.  During the tumbling sessions, athletes will be grouped by skill level. Open camps will cover multiple skills, while skill specific camps will focus on that skill only.  Be sure that you look for the title of the camp when registering.



Cheer Skills Camps



Get ready to take your talents to the next level.  AMP Athletics Cheer Skills Camp is for you! Open to individuals and teams of all levels, excellent for advanced or beginners. Expect plenty of high-energy cheer and dance skills and drills. These camps will focus on the following.

  • Motion and jump techniques

  • Sideline cheers and performances

  • Sideline dances and performances

  • Stunting techniques and development

  • Basic  to advanced tumbling skills (forward rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, etc.)

  • Tumbling technique and development (handsprings, tucks, and combination tumbling)



Flyer Skills Workshops



Let's Fly to our flyer camps focuses solely on helping you become the best flyer you can be! There will be an intense focus on improving body positions and flexibility. You will fly on an experienced group and/or a coed stunt group to help improve your technique. Plenty of stunt time for every athlete at this workshop! Space is limited so enroll today! Ages 6+ Previous experience is required.



Gymnastics Skills Workshops



Join us for our skills workshops offered to athletes of all levels, ages 6 and up. The focus will be on skills, skills, skills! Everything will be covered, from stretching, strength & conditioning, as well as dance. Every aspect is covered to help you become a stronger gymnast.



Custom Camps



Customize a two, three, or four-day camp to meet your team's training and budget needs. Attend onsite or let our r professional and talented staff to your location for a unique and positive experience. 


Call TODAY to reserve your date!

Call (304)523-4267 or email



AMP Athletics: Camp and Clinic Schedule

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